Procurement Law and Public Procurement

Legal advice in the procurement process

Procurement Law and Public Procurement

At Trolle Law, we can create an overview and offer you valuable legal advice in the procurement process.

Danish and European procurement rules are very detailed and, for that reason, extremely complicated.

In order to comply with these regulations, there are extensive demands on entrants whether they act as a contracting entity or bidder.

At Trolle Law, we have special expertise and extensive experience in this area.

Our legal advice covers:

  • Assistance for bidders on preparation of bids, and assessment of the terms of the tender
  • Assessment of the basic contract included as part of the tender documentation, as well as any caveats, if required
  • Assistance for public sector authorities on the preparation of tender documentation, and during the tender process in general
  • Assistance for clients on complaint cases at the Danish Complaints Board for Public Procurement (Klagenævnet for Udbud)


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