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Mediation, litigation, arbitration

Procedural Law

All businesses prefer to avoid disputes, but sometimes they are unavoidable. Trolle Law has a highly qualified team to lead you reliably through court proceedings, disputes and conflicts.

For many years, Trolle Law has focused on dispute resolution, and we employ a team of experienced lawyers specialising in litigation.

Each litigation attorney specialises in several legal areas. This means that a dispute will be handled by a lawyer who specialises in the area that the case relates to.

Our wide-ranging skill set means that we are always able to customise the best and most competent team for each dispute, no matter how large or how small it may be, while ensuring you a cost-effective and highly professional experience.

Our legal advice covers:

  • Mediation
  • Litigation
  • Arbitration

Mediation is a conflict resolution method based on the idea that both parties should come away from the dispute as winners. At Trolle Law, we have extensive experience in this area, and experts specialising in mediation.

Mediation can be used in all types of business disputes. The setup is normally that the parties and their legal advisors meet with an independent person, called the mediator, and attempt to reach a solution that is acceptable to both sides. It is a confidential process that handles conflict resolution out of court. Mediation can be attempted where next step would otherwise be a court case. This allows the business relationship to continue.

Participation is voluntary, and the mediator has no authority to enforce a solution. The parties themselves must agree on a solution.

If charges are brought against your business, or if you wish to file a lawsuit against someone yourself, it is important that your case is handled by a lawyer with experience in litigation.

Trolle Law employs lawyers with years of experience in conducting legal proceedings at all levels – both in civil courts and in arbitration courts. They know exactly what is required in order to clarify and settle business disputes, and have built up great experience and expertise in conducting legal proceedings at all levels of the legal system. We can help right from initial examination of the case and written preparation to main hearing.

We can assist with the following:

  • Negotiation of out-of-court settlements
  • Exchange of pleadings and main hearings
  • Processing of cases for administrative complaints bodies
  • Handling of Danish and international arbitration cases

If your business dispute is to be resolved by arbitration, Trolle Law can offer you a professional team, giving you a strong starting point.

It is standard procedure in business relations that business partners sign a written agreement that any dispute must be settled by arbitration rather than by going to court. It is important that these arbitration clauses are worded correctly so they are read and interpreted correctly. At Trolle Law, we have extensive experience in preparing arbitration clauses.

An arbitration court usually comprises three members who are not necessarily lawyers. The contending parties each appoint an arbitrator, while the third member is appointed jointly by both parties.

Trolle Law has extensive expertise in handling arbitration cases, both as appointed arbitrator and as attorney.

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