Commercial and Company Law

Corporate issues, succession etc.

Commercial and Company Law

Managing all aspects of a company requires extensive legal expertise, as well as the ability to create an overview. At Trolle Law, we can ensure you valuable legal advice, whatever your requirements.

Trolle Law has many years of experience in providing legal advice on company formation, as well as on changes to existing company structures. We advise both Danish and international organisations on company formation.

Our lawyers have built up many years of experience from board work in various companies, which has left us with detailed insight into the operation and management of a wide range of businesses. This makes Trolle Law a sought-after legal advisor and sounding board in matters of commercial and company law.

Our legal advice is always based on your unique situation, and focuses on giving you the greatest commercial advantage possible.

Our legal advice covers:

  • Choice of company form
  • Company formation
  • Increase and reduction of share capital
  • Restructuring
  • Mergers and demergers
  • Succession
  • Company divestments

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