EU, Competition and Marketing Law

Distributor and agent contracts, intellectual property law

EU, Competition and Marketing Law

At Trolle Law, we can ensure business-oriented legal advice on international law.

The world is constantly changing – as are legislation and regulations in both Denmark and the EU. Any kind of change may have a great impact on your business, your competitiveness, and marketing opportunities.

At Trolle Law, we follow developments closely, and provide expert legal advice on EU and competition law.

We can provide legal advice on, for example:

  • Non-competition contracts (such as the drawing up of sole agent and distribution agreements)
  • Cartel and merger control
  • EU disputes

Within the field of marketing law, we provide legal advice on:

  • Legislation relating to advertising and discrediting
  • Online trading
  • Good marketing practice

As a business, it can be difficult to see the potential consequences of a contract. At Trolle Law, we ensure that you receive expert legal advice on distributor and agent contracts.

Distributor and agent contracts are important to many Danish and international companies’ mutual collaboration on imports, exports and sale of goods.

But legal rules in this area, highly influenced by EU law, require close attention, making it vital that your business ensures maximum transparency and protection of your interests.

Trolle Law has extensive experience in this area and offers legal advice on:

  • Signing and termination of distributor and agent contracts
  • Franchise agreements

Intellectual property rights are important to any business, and the value of these is often very significant.

At Trolle Law, we can help you identify and safeguard your commercial interests, and protect you if others try to claim what is rightfully yours.

If your work or name is freely copied or misused by others, it is an infringement of your rights and can be financially catastrophic. It may be equally catastrophic if you unknowingly infringe the rights of others.

It is increasingly important to be aware of Intellectual property law, particularly due to the increasing globalisation.

At Trolle Law, we can address all areas of intellectual property law and our experienced lawyers are able to advise you on things like:

  • Trademarks
  • Patents, design and utility models
  • Copyright and licensing law
  • Protection of rights through injunctions
  • Obtaining evidence



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